Tuesday, March 22, 2011

“Delay is preferable to error.” - Thomas Jefferson

I'd like ALL of you to keep that in mind in between blog posts! This one took a long time upload, I know, but that's because I was trying to figure out HOW I could upload a video to this blog that was so long. I tried uploading it THROUGH youtube, and it didnt work. Then I tried vimeo which I use for all my other videos I make, and it didn't work either! Finally I used iMovie to export it into youtube, instead of going through the website which worked GREAT! Uploaded really quick, and I was able to put it right into my blog!!! I have a few more videos I'm still working on. One from Spain, one from some of my free time activities (hanging out with my friends, going to the eiffel tower, etc.), and one from a boat tour I took down the Seine! I won't be updating for the next week probably because I'm sick right now and the only thing on my mind is sleeping and surviving. So, that means I also won't be doing anything worth blogging about (just a warning so you guy's don't get agitated like you have been with this last post!)

Seville, Spain from Lauren Cashwell on Vimeo.

Cordoba, Spain from Lauren Cashwell on Vimeo.


  1. Well, I watched your videos tonight instead of TV - just as entertaining. I like reading your blogs since you write so interestingly. However the video blogs were like having you here face to face! I would just say for future reference, make them shorter (i.e. blog more frequently)! I love you!

  2. Where is the "Best of Genie Gaither?" I want to see that one too!

  3. Amazing pictures :)
    and videos!